Helmi Sugara Promotions is an independent PR, Promotions and sponsorship agency for various local and international events, We help our clients all the way to make them happen!. We are here and let us work for you.

Helmi Sugara Promotions is an independent PR, Promotions and Sponsorship agency. We have experts at our panel to manage events for promoter companies, private and corporate setups. We understand your events management needs. Whether you are holding a local event or an international event, we have done it and for sure we will make your event to be delivered as planned. Let us work for you and support your event, we are specialist in Media Promotions Handling also sponsors client servicing, Yes we are good at those jobs. Our experienced and knowledgeable team assisted the clients with promotions event planning across the cities in Indonesia from Radio, Prints and Digital Media and of course bridging the gap between Promoters and Sponsors/Clients, we do help the works to be done more easier for client satisfaction.

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